Swim Goggles Polarized Anti-Fog Swimming


About this item

  • Silicone frame
  • Polarized coating
  • High Definition Polarization – Polarized swimming goggles with polarized film coated lenses, can properly block 99.99% of the sun’s glare and reduce the interference caused by light, keeping clear vision and true color to protect your eyes better for outdoor/indoor swimming sports.
  • Anti-Fog Design – The swim goggles inner wall of the lens is treated with advanced technology of anti-fog coating, water vapor cannot be formed on the lens, making it effectively and continuously fog-free and keeping the vision clear under water for Adult.
  • Leak-Proof & Uv Protection – 3D double-sealed silicone frame provides high efficiency waterproof and good adsorption, ensuring the eye socket better fit without leakage. YAKAON swim goggles have 100% UV protection to ensure no UV damage to the eyes.
  • High-Quality & Easy Adjustment – The non-slip silicone gaskets and flexible nosepiece bridge make the swim goggles to fit any face shape that evenly disperse the pressure around the eyes and never hurt your nose or leave marks on your face for Adult to wear for a long time. Double side concealed buckle easy to adjust the design,swim goggles can freely adjust the lacing tightness without taking off.
  • 180°Extended Field Of Vision – Curved lens technology for swim goggles provides swimmers with a 180° panoramic visual experience and flawless clarity, allowing for a wider underwater view and more visibility.



  • Goggles can cut off 99.99% strong sun-glares and reduce the interference caused by light, maintaining true color and clear vision to protect your eyes.
  • UV protection can help protect your eyes from being hurt by UVA/UVB and bright lights, reduce glare and visual distortion.
  • The anti-fog coating on the lenses provides you a clear and long distant view underwater.
  • The outer eye fit provides a comfortable fit for a variety of face shapes.
  • 180° extended field of view for a wider view underwater, so you can see more things.
  • The adjustable design, split yoke, good elasticity does not strangle the head, suitable for all types of head type to wear.



1. Swim goggles placed in the eye sockets, detect whether to feel comfortable with adsorption, adsorption is comfortable to wear.

2. Soft silicone, good adsorption, use not into the water.

3. When you take off, put your thumb into the headband and lift the goggles from back to front.


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