Disposable Powder-Free Safety Glove


About this item

  •  Excellent Nitrile Gloves – 4 Mil Strong elasticity and thick durable, strong puncture resistance, super tensile force will not tear, not tight, handshave good blood circulation.
  •  Safety Latex Free Gloves – Disposable powder freeVery suitable for people who are allergic to latex,not cause allergic reactions, safe and comfortable to wear.
  •  Hight Performance Exam Gloves – Treated with micro-rough surface, better grip and anti-slip performance also have good oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.
  •  Multi Purpose Gloves- Daily household cleaning gloves food prep gloves,Industrial gloves, gardening, tattoos, auto repair, animal care can be used.
  •  Disposable Gloves 100 Cunt-A pack of sufficient quantity, compact and compact packaging, ready to use outdoors and indoors, bulk ordering quality assurance.


If you are in the following situation, please pay attention:

You don’t like latex gloves

You need to respond to mobile phone messages at work

You are allergic to latex material

You are a highly sensitive worker

You need to be isolated from pathogens

You want to avoid finger injuries

You love to clean and don’t want to get stains

I believe you must need a pair of GMG non latex gloves


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