Advanced Collectible Starship Model Building


About this item

  • Build, play with and display a collectible missile-firing,
  • This collectible Star Wars playset includes 5 LEGO Star Wars characters
  • This LEGO Y-wing Starfighter model,
  • This Y-Wing building kit lets you create fantastic moments 
  • This advanced 578-piece LEGO Star Wars Starfighter kids’ 


A classic LEGO Star Wars model

A LEGO Y-wing fighter from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker with spring-loaded shooters and bomb-drop function.

An updated favorite

Kids and fans will love to build the timeless Y-wing and play out exciting bomb-dropping, missile-shooting missions.

Opening cockpit

Cockpit fits a minifigure for endless play possibilities.

Firing missiles

Spring-loaded shooters are a great story starter.

Bombs away

Bombs that drop with the turn of a wheel really excite.


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